A Botanic Garden Christmas

Create a beautiful botanical Christmas table with your beloved Botanic Garden set – a stunning alternative to a traditional table setting.

A great British design since 1972, Botanic Garden was created by Portmeirion’s co-founder, Susan Williams-Ellis. Susan wanted to design a range that would come alive with different flowers blooming across tableware, held together by the now-iconic three leaf border.

The Botanic Garden collection is timeless, with new flowers being introduced as fashions change, allowing the collection to follow us into the modern era.

The Botanic Garden collection adds a touch of magic to everyday occasions all year round – even Christmas!

This Christmas table features deep pink and purple table decorations with touches of green foliage and dried citrus fruits. Create a beautiful floral table to impress your family and friends this festive season by following these simple steps…

You will need:


Dinner plates: Botanic Garden dinner plates available to buy here.
Side plates: Botanic Garden side plates available to buy here.
Wine glasses: Botanic Garden Crystal Wine Glasses available to buy here.


White tablecloth
Wood slices x3/4
Gold cutlery
Pink napkins
Cinnamon sticks
Dried oranges
Assortment of pink and purple flowers
Red berries
Green foliage
Pine cones
Eucalyptus sprigs

How to recreate this look:

  1. To begin, create the beautiful citrus fruit napkins. Take your napkin and tie some rustic string around the middle. Place a cinnamon stick on top, tying the string around the middle to secure it to the napkin. Finish off with a bow. Place a dried orange on top too. Put your napkins aside.
  2. To build the centrepiece, begin by placing three wood slices along the centre. Place your candles on top.
  3. Place the green longer foliage towards the ends of the table, so they hang off the sides slightly. Start placing the flowers, pinecones and other decorations along the centre, filling in the gaps and evenly spreading the colour all the way along. Dot dried oranges about to add an alternative colour, along with the red berries amongst the greenery.
  4. Place your wine glasses on the top right of each place. Set out your cutlery and begin to later each place setting. Place down your dinner plates and side plates on top.
  5. Finally place your napkins from earlier on top of your plates, ensuring the orange is placed neatly on top! Light your candles and wait for your guests to be impressed!


If you recreate this look at home this Christmas, we’d love to see your images. Tag us in your photo using the hashtag #PortmeirionGaveToMe.