Spode: Dinnerware Sets – How to Detect Quality Craftmanship

Investing in good tableware is just that – an investment! We buy good dinnerware because we want it to last and be useful – our dinnerware needs to withstand the everyday pressures of dishwashing, microwaving and warming (or even cooking). But how do you distinguish good quality pottery from dinnerware sets that will chip, fade or crack? At Portmeirion Group, we’re the experts and here’s our guide to detecting quality craftsmanship…

  1. The Material

    Whether you’re buying dinner plates, a cake stand or a butter dish, it is important to understand what you are buying. Pottery can be made from fine bone china (beautifully fine and translucent pottery that is super strong, but often expensive), porcelain (a strong, fine ceramic), earthenware (a strong, thicker material with a homely feel) and stoneware (again strong and thick and contains ground stone). To understand more, read our ‘An Inside Out to Tableware’ blog.

  2. The Feel

    When researching your new tableware collection, it is important to get out into the shops to touch and compare the dinner plates, pasta bowls, mugs and more. How do they feel in your hand? There’s no better feeling than cradling a mug on a cold winter’s day.

  3. The Colour

    When you’re researching your new dinner sets in store, check and compare the colour. This is very important, especially when buying a white dinner set! A good quality dinner set will be white or creamy white in colour. Poor quality ware will have a blue or grey tinge to the white.

    Spode's Delamere Rural Collection - Dinnerware Sets
    Spode’s Delamere Rural Collection
  4. The Functionality

    Make sure the dinnerware fits with your life. Check that it is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Many tableware collections are also oven safe which is great if you enjoy having friends and family round for food or dinner parties.

  5. The Ability to Build the Collection

    Buying a new dinnerware set can be expensive. It is therefore essential that you buy from a brand you can trust – one where you know that the collection will still be available in 2 years time so you can build on your collection. Remember cheaper fashion based ranges are around for one season only (as well as not having great functionality).

    Spode's Blue Italian Collection - dinnerware sets
    Spode’s Blue Italian Collection

To view Spode’s quality dinnerware collections, visit our website Spode UK.