How to Make a Hanging Wreath

Wreaths are a perfect addition to the home this time of year, and we’ve created a beautiful hanging wreath that can take you all through the Autumn/Winter season.

Adorned with spruce, pine cones, berries and feathers, this wreath is a simple yet beautiful way of decorating your home that is sure to make a statement.

To make this beautiful hanging wreath you will need:

Ribbon – We chose gold
Floristry wire
Items to decorate your wreath – twigs, spruce, foliage, feathers, and pinecones

How to make the hanging wreath:

  1. Gather your tools and prepare your workspace.
    You will need plenty of space to make your wreath, especially if your hoop is fairly large. We have used a mixture of green spruces, twigs, blueberries, pinecones (some sprayed gold) and a mixture of long and short feathers.



2. Wrap the gold ribbon tightly around the hoop, making sure it is all covered and you can no longer see the colour of the hoop underneath. Use small lengths of ribbon to wrap the hoop in sections to make it easier to manoeuvre, sticking the ribbon ends down with clear tape as you go along. It’s ok if you can see some of the clear tape, as you can arrange your greenery to cover this if needed.

3. Start arranging your greenery etc. around the hoop, interspersing the pine cones, berries and feathers around the green spruces. Start from the middle of the hoop, layering the sprigs as you go up and around the hoop. Trim down any foliage or berries that may be too long, fitting them in where appropriate.

Top Tip – Take time arranging, making sure you are happy with how it looks before setting anything in place.

4. Once you’re pleased with how it is looking, secure the greenery etc. to the hoop using floristry wire. Once everything is secure, your wreath is complete.

Have you made your own wreath this year? If so, share them with us on social media.