Our Commenting Policy

Commenting Policy


Please abide by this policy, in addition to the website’s terms of use, when commenting on this website.  Thank you.

  • If you post a comment, you are responsible for the contents of that comment.
  • In particular you must not post anything that:
  • Is obviously, or that you know to be, false, misleading, defamatory, obscene, abusive, immoral, indecent, degrading or discriminatory;
  • Violates a person’s privacy;
  • Advertises, promotes or markets any product or service;
  • Infringes, misuses or misrepresents the intellectual property rights of us or any third party; or
  • Otherwise infringes any applicable law, regulation or by-law.
  • We reactively monitor the comments posted to the blog, which means that comments are posted immediately by users and are later reviewed by us.
  • You may also report comments or users to us by contacting us. You do not need to be a subscriber to make such a report.
  • Comments that we believe violate this policy will be deleted and, if relevant, the account of the user who submitted them may be suspended or cancelled. Our decision regarding the suitability of a comment is final.
  • You may post or publish your own original content, designs or intellectual property in the comments, but if you do so, you agree that we are granted a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully transferable and worldwide licence to publish and republish, reproduce, distribute, display, adapt, derive, sell or otherwise use such content in any way that we see fit. You must have all necessary consents to post any original content.
  • All comments posted on the website represent the personal views of the user who posted the comment and not the views of Portmeirion or our staff, officers and agents. Portmeirion does not endorse the content of any comment or the user who posted it.