Celebrating Mother’s Day with #ThanksMum

On the run up to Mother’s Day we have been celebrating mums and have posted photos, memories and thoughts from our Portmeirion mums, daughters, sons and husbands on our social media channels – with a quick #ThanksMum. So in case you have missed hearing some of the lovely stories, here are a few.

p.s. we recommend having a box of tissues handy.

Gina works in the decorating section adding the beautiful transfers on to all of the pieces by hand. She says “To me my daughter is someone to laugh with, dream with and love unconditionally. After all, she the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”

Charlotte is busy in our Quality department making sure anything that leaves our factory meets our high quality standards. She wrote a letter. “To the most precious parent in the world. Mother’s Day is not just for mum’s, they are for dads too. I lost my best friend, my mum, at 15, then my dad took care of us all and I had another best friend for the next 15 years. I miss you both so much but thank you for making me who I am today. Love always.”

Steph is originally from France and works in our UK sales department. She had her son Elliot 2 years ago. She comments on motherhood, “The lows: drama is guaranteed at wash time, getting dressed, nappy changes, getting in to the car… getting out of the car. The highs: everything else.”

Janis works in our head office, she says “This photo of my mum and I is from a few years ago at my step brother’s civil ceremony, to his partner Graham. For me it is a reminder that she never seemed to have any prejudices and always welcomed people into her life. As children, it was always our house where we could crash, whether in the garden or our back room playing records. Happy days!”

Lucie works at Portmeirion, she says “My Mum is my Best Friend. I ask her advice on everything even if I know she will not approve (which is most of the time). She has taught me so many important things in life and got me to where I am today. We laugh together, cry together and argue like cat and dog but I wouldn’t change her for the world! Love you forever and always.”

We hope you have enjoyed reading some of the lovely messages from our Portmeirion employees for Mother’s Day. You can keep in touch with us on our Portmeirion UK Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.