Botanical Pumpkins – DIY Pumpkin Ideas

In celebration of pumpkin day, we thought we would try something a little different for Halloween and put our botanical expertise to good use with a couple of DIY pumpkin ideas. These floral pumpkins are super-easy to create and make a wonderful autumnal feature in your home. They’d also be fabulous as a botanical table centrepiece at an autumn wedding!

Pumpkin Pots

To create your own pumpkin pot: carve your pumpkin and fill with beautiful autumnal flowers of your choice. Place amongst munchkins (mini pumpkins) for a botanical pumpkin patch feel.

Halo Pumpkins

To create a floral halo for your pumpkin this Halloween: punch a circle of holes around the top of your pumpkin using a screwdriver. Cut the stems of your chosen flowers to length and push into the holes gently. Add more holes to thicken up your halo where needed. Simple!