Just Because: A Gift Guide for Friends

In the age of ‘social’ media people seem more distant than ever.

Sending text messages and emails rather than picking up the phone for a chat, swiping images instead of meeting new friends. Everyone seems busy; constantly posting pictures of themselves on exciting work trips or at cool parties.

At times it can seem very un-personal.

More than ever, it’s important to nurture our real-life friendships, spend extended time with one another, laugh, reminisce and discuss what’s going on in our lives. It’s important to appreciate and spoil each other, for no other reason than just because.

Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for someone. They consolidate friendships and their sense of meaning deepens as the years go by. Whether it’s a book about a common interest or a housewarming gift that helps them on their feet, people remember kind gestures fondly, and they can inspire the gift-giver as well as the gifted.

We’ve put together a list of inspirational gift ideas that we hope will enrich your friendships…

A Book About A Shared Interest

Pursuing common interests is an important part of any friendship. Sharing gifts with one another that further those interests is a great way to commemorate and deepen a relationship.  Whether it’s fishing, cooking, stamp collecting or films, spend some time researching the quintessential books about your shared hobbies and buy one for your friend as gift.

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer by Steven Solman is a great book for those who love to host with style. Throughout, the author shares advice, recipes and anecdotes collected over his years as a socialite; Learn how to throw a fabulous dinner party with Asparagus Roulades and Salmon Mousse. Or, serve a relaxing dinner for the family with Cabbage Strudel and Drunken Brisket or BLT Dip and Funeral Potatoes for an afternoon tea party.

Insist on Self-Indulgence  

Finding the time and money to indulge yourself can be tricky. We may want a spa day or a new outfit, but there’s always something more important to do or to pay for. This is where a good friend can step in to help by insisting we take the time to treat ourselves.

If your friend is the type to put everyone and everything before themselves it can feel rewarding to take them out; organise a trip to a favourite restaurant or a gift certificate for a spa day.

If they’re the type that’s always busy or you’d like something more personal, candles are a thoughtful gift that will pay dividends for weeks to come; they make a home smell and look great whilst helping to create a more relaxing, tranquil atmosphere.

A Cup of Tea and the Time to Talk

Treating your friends to something extravagant is a thrill, but it’s the everyday things that really matter. Whether they’re celebrating a work promotion, a cup final victory or they’re stressed out with bills and family issues, there is always good reason to pop-round, put the kettle on and catch up. Our range of tea sets are perfect for times like these.