The Serendipity Gold Look

As you know, we love Christmas at Portmeirion Group and we are absolutely delighted to showcase our second Christmas look – Serendipity Gold. This will give your home a fun, contemporary festive feel and creates a beautiful setting for those special Christmas moments with your family.

This look uses some DIY table decorations that makes your table unique – fabulous, feathery Christmas trees. Not only do these adorable DIY fluffy Christmas trees look fantastic on your table, they also make a great keep sake – a gorgeous, festive little memory for everyone to keep. These little trees are super easy and fun to make, perfect for a festive activity with the kids or even your partner.

The Serendipity Gold Look (Contemporary)

The key to this look is the mixture of white tableware with a gold accent and gold & emerald green accessories. We’ve used gold coloured glassware, gold placemats and emerald green ribbon as napkin rings.

Our Royal Worcester Serendipity Gold collection is simple and elegant yet has just the right amount of sparkle with its gold band – perfect for this elegant and contemporary Christmas table. Made from fine bone china, it’s delicate to the eye but super strong and chip resistant which is important for Christmas mayhem. 

To make the emerald trees, you will need:
Polystyrene cones (you can purchase these here)
Small emerald green feathers (easily available to buy online or from craft shops)
PVA glue
Paint brush

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take your polystyrene cone and cover a small section at the bottom with PVA glue using a paint brush.
  2. Apply feathers to the glued section in layers.
  3. Working your way up, repeat the process until the polystyrene is covered.
  4. Check your tree to make sure that all of the polystyrene is hidden. If you spot any gaps, simply pop a little glue onto the area and add feathers.