How Can I Help? What to Do for Friends Who Are New Parents


A new arrival into the family is always an exciting time, especially for new parents. However, it’s not just the new parents who can enjoy the excitement of a new arrival, its friends as well – even more so if the new bundle of joy is the first one to join your group of friends. It’s a special and treasurable time for everyone.

We can’t help buying gifts for new parents – well more so for the baby. It’s hard to resist buying a cute little matching outfit, or a festive costume or cuddly bear for the baby to snuggle up to. Babies bring joy and happiness, and often or not, a new arrival will trigger nostalgic memories for parents (or broodiness for non-parents). You’re only human after all.

Baby showers are a great excuse to buy gifts for new parents, and are a great way to bring friends and family together and share the support for the soon-to-be-parent. However, as with many occasions, you shouldn’t need a reason to buy a gift for someone. Spontaneous gifts are sometimes the most treasured.

I’m sure when you ask any parent what to buy for the baby, nappies, dummies, baby grows and bibs are always top of the list, and they are very much welcomed! Also, cooked meals that can be easily put in the freezer and reheated – this is like gold to new parents, honestly! But, what other gifts can you buy new parents? You’ll want to buy a gift that no one else will buy; something unique and special that can be treasured for years to come.

There are so many unique gifts that you can buy for new parents that they won’t want to throw away or reuse, such as a baby hand and foot inkless print kit. A gift such as this is perfect to capture those first moments of a new born baby that will be a truly memorable keepsake.

Or if you really want to capture and gift those very first moments, you can buy personalised gifts that can include the baby’s heartbeat from the womb into a plush toy.

If you’re a collector and want to buy a classic, nostalgic gift for the new parents, then The Very Hungry Caterpillar might be what you’re looking for. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a children’s character that will live on and be passed from generation to generation, and here at Portmeirion, we have an exclusive range of The Hungry Caterpillar gifts to buy. You could buy the new parents their baby’s first 3 piece set from The Hungry Caterpillar range for when they reach the toddler years or the baby’s first money box.

Or maybe you want something from the Peppa Pig era; again we have an exclusive Peppa Pig collection at Portmeirion.



Whilst we’re all in the hype of the new arrival and wanting to buy the best gift, we forget about the parents, especially new parents. The first few months in particular will be overwhelming, so why not treat them to something special? We mentioned bringing over cooked food that can be frozen down and reheated, but what about something relaxing?

Scented candles are perfect for when the baby is asleep and the new parents can finally embrace some alone time together – these moments are precious. Introducing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere around the home can also help with overall wellbeing, which is important.

Our candle collection includes lots of gorgeous and tranquil scents that will not only bring your home to life, but also help the new parents to sit back and relax, enjoying their time together.

If you’re thinking of buying scented candles as a gift from our candle range, why not build your own hamper or gift box for new parents. You can include a bottle of something special, a collection of the new parents’ favourite snacks and a family gift. It’s the little things in life that go a long way and are often the most thoughtful gifts.

It’s a special moment having a baby, whether it’s your first, 2nd or 3rd; it’s hard to put into words exactly what those initial feelings are when you hold your new born baby for the first time and look into their eyes. Its moments like this that should be treasured and not taken for granted, which is why finding the right gift for parents, or doing the small things to help them out is important.